Dressed to the Nines: An Enneagram Murder Mystery

dressed to the nines final.jpg

This immensely enjoyable Agatha-Christie-style whodunnit will introduce you to nine fascinating characters, each of whom represents one of the Enneagram Types. 

If you’ve been wondering what all the Enneagram hype is about, or you’re looking for an easy (and fun!) way to figure out and understand your Enneagram type, Dressed to the Nines is your answer. 

When Desmond Whittaker invites a group of friends and colleagues to his wife Ashley’s 40th birthday party on their dazzling Long Island estate, a dead body in the snow is the biggest surprise of all. 

As the winter storm rages and the roads close, angry accusations fly and long-held secrets are uncovered. But which of the nine stranded partygoers is the murderer?

And which of them are you?

The clues to your Enneagram type are scattered through this fun mystery, plus you’ll find explanations of the nine types and a host of linked resources to guide you further on your Enneagram journey.

It’s time to solve the mystery of YOU.

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