The Great Book Giveaway!

Free Tracy Higley books

Help with my goal to give away 5000 books!

An arrangement with my publisher has allowed me to acquire a number of my past titles to give away to Book Bloggers, Homeschoolers, Church Libraries and other organizations.

These novels are geared toward adults and high school teens.

If you would like a set of two books or even a case of 36 , to give to any worthy group or organization, and are able to donate a little bit to cover the cost of shipping, please use the buttons below.

At this time, I’m not able to send books without the cost of shipping covered, as it would get too costly.

If applicable, please list your blog URL or organization in the comments section when donating, so I’ll have the fun of knowing where all these books are going!

UPDATE:  The only book still available is City of the Dead.  You can still order in quantities below.

Donate $2.50 to cover shipping for one book

Donate $3.50 to cover shipping for two copies

Donate $12 to cover shipping for 18 copies of all City of the Dead

Donate $18 for a full case of 36 copies of City of the Dead
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