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Isle of ShadowsRaised as courtesan to wealthy and powerful men, Tessa of Delos serves at the whim of her current patron, the politician Glaucas. After ten years with him, Tessa has abandoned all desire for freedom or love, choosing instead to lock her heart away.

But when Glaucus meets a violent death in his own home, Tessa grasps at a fragile hope. Only she knows of his death. If she can keep it a secret for long enough, she can escape.

Tessa throws herself on the mercy of the Greek god Helios, but finds instead unlikely allies in Nikos, a Greek slave, and Simeon, Glaucas’s Jewish head servant. As Simeon introduces her to a God unlike any she has ever known and Nikos begins to stir feelings she had thought long dead, Tessa strives to keep her heart protected.

As an assassination plot comes to light, Tessa must fight for her own freedom—and for those to whom she has begun to open her heart—as forces collide that shatter the island’s peace.


  • Taylor

    It is a great treasure to find a book that reminds us of all God has done in the past, relates and convicts us in the present, and encourages to trust in the comfort found in the promises The Lord has provided concerning the future. The Shadow of Colossus greatly impressed me not just because it was exciting or well written, but because every word, every feeling, every thought, and everything the characters experienced had a purpose. A purpose that reflected the Great Orchestrator: nothing takes place without purpose and all is done for His glory and for good for those who love Him. :) Yahweh is the one true God and those who believe as Tessa once did “that the stone Athena is always safe,” will soon learn that The Lord will bring even the seemingly immovable stone gods to their knees. And all that will remain standing is the living and loving God who offers salvation to all people if we just accept Him. Thank you for writing this book! And I encourage you to keep writing for the sole purpose of honoring God and revealing who He is to others. :)

    July 15, 2013
  • Thanks, Taylor, for the encouraging words. So glad you enjoyed the book.

    July 15, 2013

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