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As much as creating stories is an art, publishing is a business and is based on sales. Publishing houses offer contracts for new books when the previous books sell well. You can help Tracy continue to publish by helping to spread the word about her books to your friends and family.

A word from Tracy:

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing my books with others. I truly appreciate my readers and all they do to promote my books. You are an encouragement to me each day as I sit down to write the stories we all love!

Two ways to share Garden of Madness with your friends:

1. Paste this link to the book on Amazon into a Facebook post, a Tweet, email, or other social media, with a quick message about what you liked about the book:

2. Blog about the book.
Paste the code below into your blog, which will include a blurb about the book, the book’s video trailer, plus the Prologue and first chapter!
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