Discussion Questions for Isle of Shadows

Please be aware, the following questions contain plot spoilers.

Isle of Shadows

  1. Tessa’s resolve to keep people at arm’s length is largely unsuccessful. Why do you think she is unable to remain disconnected?
  2. When Hermes learns Tessa’s secret, she must betray Persephone’s trust to keep him quiet. How do you feel about Tessa’s actions?
  3. With which character did you most identify? Why?
  4. In what ways did reading Isle of Shadows increase your knowledge of Ancient Greece?
  5. How important is the setting to the novel? Did the author’s description of Ancient Greece create a compelling setting for the story?
  6. What did you think of the pace of the story? Did it keep you reading?
  7. Were there any surprises in the plot? Were they believable?
  8. In what way is the redemption that Simeon explains to Tessa different from what the Greek gods offer?
  9. How is Tessa like the Colossus, and in what ways is she unlike it?
  10. Nikos tells Tessa, “To be alive to love and alive to joy is to risk being hurt, to risk people failing you and disappointing you.” Do you agree with this statement? How have you seen this to be true or false in your own life?
  11. Simeon wants Tessa to understand that she desperately needs a Redeemer to rescue her from the degradation of sin, to pursue her with relentless love, and to free her heart. Is this only a “fairy-tale ending,” or can it be true for each of us?
  12. Have you ever experienced an earthquake-like shift in your own thoughts or emotions?
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