Discussion Questions for Guardian of the Flame

Please be aware, the following questions contain plot spoilers.

Guardian of the Flame

  1. What do you think about the relationship between Sophia and Cleopatra? Is it healthy? Have you ever had a similar relationship in your life?
  2. Unlike Sophia, Bellus is a people-pleaser, and is greatly troubled by the fact that he has disappointed his general, Julius Caesar. How does the desire to gain the approval of others affect the choices you make?
  3. Guardian of the Flame is largely a story about the desire for power. Many of the characters are willing to go to any length to get it. How does the desire for control lead us into trouble?
  4. As you read the story, did you see the “Beauty and the Beast” motif emerge? Can you identify the major points of the familiar tale, and the corresponding aspects of this novel?
  5. Sophia has been under a “curse” of her own making for many years. What does it take to release her from it?
  6. In what ways is your own story parallel to this one? Have you experienced the unconditional love of God, a love given before you changed to become worthy of it?
  7. Why does Sophia believe that Bellus cannot love her? Have you ever struggled to believe someone could love you? That God could love you? How are you overcoming that struggle?
  8. Alexandria is a city at the crossroads of many cultures. What did you most enjoy learning about the Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures and history at this time?
  9. Do you believe we were created to be in relationship? If so, how are you making relationships a priority in your own life?
  10. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Just as Sophia was transformed, God wants to transform each one of us, and make us into a wonder, for His glory. How is he accomplishing this in your life?
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