Discussion Questions for Pyramid of Secrets

Please be aware, the following questions contain plot spoilers.

Pyramid of Secrets

  1. Hemi gave up Merit years earlier for honor. How does this choice affect the man he becomes?
  2. Have you ever had to give up something you loved or wanted because you knew it was the right thing to do? How did God use that sacrifice in your life?
  3. What aspect of Ancient Egypt was most surprising to you? Are there comparisons to Ancient Egypt and the world we live in today?
  4. How did you feel about the true identity of the Scourge of Anubis? Were you surprised?
  5. Which character did you most identify with? In what ways is he or she like you?
  6. How are the Egyptians’ beliefs about the afterlife both similar and dissimilar to the Bible’s? Did the similarities trouble you at all?
  7. At the start of the story, Hemi believes that order and discipline are the opposite of creativity and freedom. Which extreme do you tend toward? In what ways can you seek balance?
  8. Hemi struggles to understand how justice and ma’at can coexist with mercy, but finally reconciles the two. What does the existence of both God’s justice and His mercy mean to you?
  9. This story takes place between the time of Noah and the time of Abraham. How did you feel about the “People of the One” who are part of the story? Do you think that a group such as this could or would have existed in Ancient Egypt?
  10. The People of the One experience a special sense of community together. Where have you ever felt part a community such as theirs? What “community” is in your life now that gives you a sense of belonging?
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