Meet the Characters of City on Fire

Pompeii characters


A life of grief and hardship has hardened Ariella into a woman capable of handling herself and anything that comes at her, including the swords of her fellow gladiators. But when her hard-won independent spirit clashes with the evil forces of the city, it will take more than expertise in the arena to win the day.

Pompeii charactersCato

Cato only wants to be left alone to grow his grapes and run his shop. Why does everyone insist on his entering the local election? The newest gladiator catches his attention, but it’s his sister’s plight in the clutches of the city’s corrupt leader that forces him out of the vineyard and into the fight.

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Pompeii characters


Cato’s mother knows what it means to look after her children, but they don’t make it easy. Cato’s resistance to cleaning up the city corruption finally gives way, but only when Portia is in danger. She’d planned to live out her widowed retirement in luxury, but this seaside resort has a seemy underbelly, and her family’s its newest target.


PortiaPompeii characters

Her brother Cato’s always been the strong one. But ever since he came to Pompeii, trouble has picked up. And where there’s trouble, Cato won’t long resist jumping in to save the day.  Can Portia survive being Maius’s target until Cato is forced to help?


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Pompeii characters


Action has never been Lucius’s forte. Now his wife is in serious danger, his brother-in-law is obsessed with a gladiator, and the greedy politician who controls the city has made their entire family a target.  Wasn’t Pompeii supposed to be a vacation town?


Pompeii characters


The city was firmly in his grasp until the meddling family of the Catonii showed up. Gambling, brothels, the arena games – Maius had a piece of all of it. But no young Roman whelp is going to take him down. Cato has no idea what’s in store for him and his family.


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Pompeii charactersJeremiah

The rabbi-turned-slave Jeremiah has spent too many years looking after the gladiators. Perhaps its time for this worn-out Jew to leave the fight to younger men. But when the newest gladiator’s secret becomes shockingly clear, it seems that Jeremiah has one more assignment, and it’s a dangerous one.

Pompeii charactersEuropa and Seneca

They’ve traveled to Pompeii to raise their adopted daughter and join a secret sect who still meets behind closed doors.  But their secret is about to be made public, and as the danger from the volcano boils above, an even more frightening enemy is at their door.

Pompeii characters

The Gladiators

For the gladiators of Drusus’s troupe in Pompeii, freedom is a dream and death is a reality. When one young gladiator starts to steal the attention that is their only hope of survival, it won’t be long before she falls under their wrath.

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