Explore the World of Pompeii

Pompeii pictures

Pompeii pictures: the Forum, main market and meeting place of the city, with Vesuvius in the background

Walking along the city streets of Pompeii, you can almost hear the echoes of an ancient world, a bustling seaside town at the height of its glory. Frozen in time by the massive amounts of ash and rock debris from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, this carefully unearthed Roman town gives us a glimpse into Roman life, as it once was.

Pompeii pictures

Pompeii pictures: the Forum Baths, where townspeople gathered for bathing and social time

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It’s all here – restaurants, bakeries and theaters. Brothels, taverns and arenas. A marketplace for shopping and local government buildings where the rich and powerful wielded influence.  Pompeii graffiti, scrawled on walls and painted along the streets, touts politicians and merchants, a society of people much like our own.

Pompeii pictures

Pompeii pictures: the thermopolium – a “fast food” restaurant where hot food was served to citizens

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The Pompeii volcano, called Vesuvius, was simply a beautiful mountain to the people of this idyllic city, who had no idea that death loomed above them. As the ash fell, those unfortunate enough to be caught in the city and those who chose to remain became victims. The Pompeii bodies remained entombed inside the hardening ash and rock, to be discovered centuries later.

Pompeii pictures

Pompeii pictures: heading down the corridor into the arena, where gladiators and animals put on a spectacle for the city

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A list of Pompeii facts is too sterile to be our only look at this magnificent city. Explore the pictures, videos, and information below!

 On Location with Tracy in Pompeii

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  • So amazing! Btw, a little of the audio in the middle of your video is missing–the visual is wonderful, but I wanted to hear what you were saying, too.

    November 4, 2014

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